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All Time Favourite TV Series

Well…I just thought that I would let anyone who wants to read know my all time favourite TV series, so here goes…:
(In no particular order)

– Desperate Housewives

There have been a LOT of episodes of this series. There are 8 seasons, with around 20 episodes within each. For anyone who doesn’t know, Desperate Housewives follows several families on Wisteria Lane in America. These families, especially the wives, have LOTS of drama in their lives, including Plane Crashes, Hurricanes and murders. It’s a bit of a chick flick series, as it is a bit melodramatic, but I would give it a try if you haven’t already- (it’s one of the most well-known tv series in America).

– Lost

This series is actually a new one for me, but it has already made it onto this list- which is saying something. If you don’t already know, Lost follows a group of people whose aeroplane crashed on a desert island, but mainly focusing on a few main characters. This one is also a tad unrealistic, as there are polar bears and a strange French woman on this island, and many of the characters hold dark secrets. It is really addictive, so only watch it if you have plenty of free time.

– Falling Skies

This series I already mentioned in a previous post, and it is a bit of a strange one. As I mentioned before, I only discovered this series whilst changing channel, but I am really glad I did. It is about a group of people, after the world has been attacked and taken over by aliens, who are trying to survive in extremely difficult situations. This one is one for the boys I think, unless you are like me (a bit of a tomboy). It involves a lot of action, and tension, which is the norm for the famous director- Steven Spielberg. Give it a try, it is just kicking off in America (not so much in the UK, unfortunatly).

– Ugly Betty

This series has actually finished now, but when it was on (for a long time) it was my favourite show. It is all about this quite unfashionable, but adorable, girl named Betty (hence the title) who manages to become a writer for a fashion magazine. She hits a lot of roadblocks; people hating her, boyfriends leaving her, and just getting told she isn’t good enough, but she just carries on. It is really worth looking back on, try and find it on catchup or something: it’s awesome.

– Modern Family

Modern family is actually pretty modern itself- its only in its second series. But, it is hilarious. It follows a strange suburban family in America, and all of their endeavours. All of the characters have strong personalities and traits, which really makes it interesting to watch. It is on, in the UK, every Friday at 8PM on Sky1 I think, but earlier in the USA. You should watch it if you like a good laugh on a Friday night.

– Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is quite a new British TV series, which is extremely popular here. It is more of a girly programme, but I think boys could watch it as well. It is a historical drama, about a Lord and Lady, and their family, of Downton Abbey. It follows the whole family, as well as the servants, and gives a believable and emotional storyline. It really is worth a watch.

– The Simpsons

The Simpsons just had to be on here, everyone has heard of it and it is for the whole family. I don’t even have to give a description. Just watch it.

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Hurricane Sandy comes Early

So hurricane Sandy has approached the coast of the USA faster than expected. A few hours fast in fact. It is due to hit Jersey Shore by morning, which means there will probably be a panic as people brace for the storm.
Sandy’s speed has increased to 28 miles per hour, and is now expected to hit the shore between 7 and 8 pm was previously estimated it to hit between Atlantic City at midnight instead.
Even though Sandy was still miles away, the city was already under metres of water because of the storm itself, and the wind power. A quote from an article in abc news says:

“‘They city’s basically flooded’, said Willy Glass, public safety director, according to the Associated Press. ‘Most of the city is underwater'”

Large trees have fallen, structures are caving in on themselves, and cars in the street have begun to float away, traffic lights are also non operational and phone lines are dead. Also, some water rescues have also occurred.
The threat of the hurricane seems to be growing, as it brings with it gale force winds and storm surges, which could severely damage transportation and leave thousands without fact, tens of thousands of people are already without power and many more to be expecting in the next few hours.
The epicentre of the storm is still miles away, but the force of the storm is definitely evident by the sheer power of the winds. Good luck to those involved.


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Falling Skies


I just thought I would do my bit to give this TV series a bit of publicity. I know this blog isn’t exactly popular, but I just wanted to know that I did mention it.
Well, for anyone who doesn’t know, Falling Skies is a American tv series that started last year, and I have to admit I only found out about it when I was changing channels. But, it is a post-apocalyptic drama, in which Aliens are trying to do ‘something’ to Earth, but we follow one group of people trying to survive and fight against the ‘skitters’.
It’s really worth a look, so…anyone who reads this….give it a go! Thanks!

Young Americans seem Uninspired by Obama

Obama seems to have turned to the younger citizens of America for the vote. Four years ago, young people were enthusiastic and hopeful for the democrats, and therefore voted for him in their thousands.
However, four years on, they seem uninspired and unimpressed by Obama and his campaign. They have faced high unemployment as well as raised tuition fees, and therefore many have lost hope in Obama, it seems.
But, there is still little doubt that Obama will win the youth vote, compared to Romney, as Democrats have in all elections, bar three, ever since 18 year olds began to vote.
A quote from an article in the Los Angeles Times, said a 19 year old boy was disappointed that Obama was “just another conformist politician”. The teenage boy also said “most of my friends are also voting for Obama, but its not an enthusiastic vote”. I don’t blame them for being disappointed, as in September the unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds was 11.8%, which is terrible compared to the hope Obama portrayed four years ago, when he was first elected. Romney’s entire appeal to the younger voters was that he was going to do better, but not really any specific details of what he is going to do.
In the defence of Obama, his campaign is proving that unemployment numbers are going down, but maybe this just isn’t enough for the younger population of the United States. He also made an appeal to the young women of America, standing up against Romney’s views of Abortion, and the fact he wants women to have exactly the same rights as men.
Some teenagers are stuck, due to the lack of hope on both sides of the Election, and are just voting for the candidate who just ‘isn’t as bad as the other’. I just hope Obama gives a clear plan for the young people of America, and how he is going to help them in the future.

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Oh, Patrick.


Haha šŸ™‚



Oh, naivety.

The Full Moon may intensify the effect of Hurricane Sandy

I read yet another article on Hurricane Sandy, which claims that the full moon may turn Hurricane Sandy into a monster, just in time for Halloween.
Sandy is expected to reach the mid-Atlantic coast of the USA between Monday and Tuesday. And, this may merge with a separate tempest, which would form a bigger storm and could also be magnified by the full moon.
The article says:
‘When the moon waxes to its full phase Monday afternoon, high tides along the Eastern Seaboard will rise about 20% higher than normal, even without the help of Sandy’s storm surge, said Joe Rao, a meteorologist for News 12 in Westchester, N.Y’
And, as the storm is due to hit on Monday or Tuesday, and the highest tides come one or two days after a full moon, the worst flooding may come on Tuesday, depending on when the storm actually hits the coast.
Another quote from the article explains why the full moon would intensity the storm:
“At full moon, the Earth, sun and moon are arranged in a line, with Earth in the midĀ­dle. Tidal ranges are espeĀ­cialĀ­ly high at this time because the gravĀ­iĀ­taĀ­tionĀ­al tugs of the sun and moon on our planĀ­et reinĀ­force each other. The same effect is felt at new moon, when the three bodĀ­ies all line up, with the moon between Earth and the sun.”
There have been other storms in the past that have been intensified by full moons, for example; “Ash Wednesday” in March 1962, when the moon was full as well.
Hopefully, as the moon is, at least, as far away from earth as it can be, so it is not at maximum effect.

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Beware of Limbo Dancers


Just another amusing picture I found on beloved Reddit.