As you may have picked up from the title, this is my first post. In a way, I am a virgin blogger. I do not yet know the purpose of this blog, only that I hope people will one day enjoy it. And at this rate, maybe not….
My blog name is quite insecure, as I dont know whether people will understand its intentions. However, the title does have a hidden meaning. ‘thepixelplot’- perhaps not very catchy but it has a certain ring to it. I chose it because I do believe that, in a way, my generation, the ‘new generation’, are pixels in this ageing photo which is our society. We don’t really have much of a say in anything, but we are there, making up the image whichever way you look at it.
But I better introduce myself to my currently non-existent readers. My name is Emily, I’m 15, Iam English, and I don’t like ice cream. That is about as exciting as I can get. I apologise. However, as will hopefully become apparent, I do have a point of view, and for that I will not apologise.
Well, that sums up my first post to the world of blogging, and I hope that all you pixels out there will perhaps give ‘thepixelplot’ a chance.
Over and Out.

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