Hurricane Sandy comes Early

So hurricane Sandy has approached the coast of the USA faster than expected. A few hours fast in fact. It is due to hit Jersey Shore by morning, which means there will probably be a panic as people brace for the storm.
Sandy’s speed has increased to 28 miles per hour, and is now expected to hit the shore between 7 and 8 pm was previously estimated it to hit between Atlantic City at midnight instead.
Even though Sandy was still miles away, the city was already under metres of water because of the storm itself, and the wind power. A quote from an article in abc news says:

“‘They city’s basically flooded’, said Willy Glass, public safety director, according to the Associated Press. ‘Most of the city is underwater'”

Large trees have fallen, structures are caving in on themselves, and cars in the street have begun to float away, traffic lights are also non operational and phone lines are dead. Also, some water rescues have also occurred.
The threat of the hurricane seems to be growing, as it brings with it gale force winds and storm surges, which could severely damage transportation and leave thousands without fact, tens of thousands of people are already without power and many more to be expecting in the next few hours.
The epicentre of the storm is still miles away, but the force of the storm is definitely evident by the sheer power of the winds. Good luck to those involved.


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