The Full Moon may intensify the effect of Hurricane Sandy

I read yet another article on Hurricane Sandy, which claims that the full moon may turn Hurricane Sandy into a monster, just in time for Halloween.
Sandy is expected to reach the mid-Atlantic coast of the USA between Monday and Tuesday. And, this may merge with a separate tempest, which would form a bigger storm and could also be magnified by the full moon.
The article says:
‘When the moon waxes to its full phase Monday afternoon, high tides along the Eastern Seaboard will rise about 20% higher than normal, even without the help of Sandy’s storm surge, said Joe Rao, a meteorologist for News 12 in Westchester, N.Y’
And, as the storm is due to hit on Monday or Tuesday, and the highest tides come one or two days after a full moon, the worst flooding may come on Tuesday, depending on when the storm actually hits the coast.
Another quote from the article explains why the full moon would intensity the storm:
“At full moon, the Earth, sun and moon are arranged in a line, with Earth in the mid­dle. Tidal ranges are espe­cial­ly high at this time because the grav­i­ta­tion­al tugs of the sun and moon on our plan­et rein­force each other. The same effect is felt at new moon, when the three bod­ies all line up, with the moon between Earth and the sun.”
There have been other storms in the past that have been intensified by full moons, for example; “Ash Wednesday” in March 1962, when the moon was full as well.
Hopefully, as the moon is, at least, as far away from earth as it can be, so it is not at maximum effect.

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