All Time Favourite TV Series

Well…I just thought that I would let anyone who wants to read know my all time favourite TV series, so here goes…:
(In no particular order)

– Desperate Housewives

There have been a LOT of episodes of this series. There are 8 seasons, with around 20 episodes within each. For anyone who doesn’t know, Desperate Housewives follows several families on Wisteria Lane in America. These families, especially the wives, have LOTS of drama in their lives, including Plane Crashes, Hurricanes and murders. It’s a bit of a chick flick series, as it is a bit melodramatic, but I would give it a try if you haven’t already- (it’s one of the most well-known tv series in America).

– Lost

This series is actually a new one for me, but it has already made it onto this list- which is saying something. If you don’t already know, Lost follows a group of people whose aeroplane crashed on a desert island, but mainly focusing on a few main characters. This one is also a tad unrealistic, as there are polar bears and a strange French woman on this island, and many of the characters hold dark secrets. It is really addictive, so only watch it if you have plenty of free time.

– Falling Skies

This series I already mentioned in a previous post, and it is a bit of a strange one. As I mentioned before, I only discovered this series whilst changing channel, but I am really glad I did. It is about a group of people, after the world has been attacked and taken over by aliens, who are trying to survive in extremely difficult situations. This one is one for the boys I think, unless you are like me (a bit of a tomboy). It involves a lot of action, and tension, which is the norm for the famous director- Steven Spielberg. Give it a try, it is just kicking off in America (not so much in the UK, unfortunatly).

– Ugly Betty

This series has actually finished now, but when it was on (for a long time) it was my favourite show. It is all about this quite unfashionable, but adorable, girl named Betty (hence the title) who manages to become a writer for a fashion magazine. She hits a lot of roadblocks; people hating her, boyfriends leaving her, and just getting told she isn’t good enough, but she just carries on. It is really worth looking back on, try and find it on catchup or something: it’s awesome.

– Modern Family

Modern family is actually pretty modern itself- its only in its second series. But, it is hilarious. It follows a strange suburban family in America, and all of their endeavours. All of the characters have strong personalities and traits, which really makes it interesting to watch. It is on, in the UK, every Friday at 8PM on Sky1 I think, but earlier in the USA. You should watch it if you like a good laugh on a Friday night.

– Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is quite a new British TV series, which is extremely popular here. It is more of a girly programme, but I think boys could watch it as well. It is a historical drama, about a Lord and Lady, and their family, of Downton Abbey. It follows the whole family, as well as the servants, and gives a believable and emotional storyline. It really is worth a watch.

– The Simpsons

The Simpsons just had to be on here, everyone has heard of it and it is for the whole family. I don’t even have to give a description. Just watch it.

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2 thoughts on “All Time Favourite TV Series

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  2. fabius says:

    Hey Emily, I randomly came across your blog and decided to drop a few lines if you don’t mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    First thing to remember is that you only get better at writing by writing. My first reaction when I read your list on your favorite TV shows was quite, uh, negative. But then I read on your about page that you’re fifteen. I’m 19 years old now, so I’m in the position of having gone through a lot of the motions you’re going through right now while simultaneously not being too far removed from them.
    So do not take this to be meant condescendingly in the slightest. I’m trying to help, nothing else. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So yeah, first rule is to keep writing. Don’t expect an audience yet. Expect it in 10 years from now. And when that audience is there, you’ll want to be a decent writer. For now, just write. Write on anything you fancy. Write.

    Secondly, always reflect on your writing. What works, what doesn’t? Which brings me back to your TV show list. Lists are some of the hardest writing there is. This might sound weird, mostly because there are so many of them. Every day there seem to be more lists on the internet… And I’m going to guess that 99.9% of them suck. A list does not only necessitate a tremendous amount of knowledge of both the objects you are writing about and the ones you are leaving out, it also requires a writing style that is terse enough to condense this knowledge into single paragraphs. I tend to trust Roger Eberts top ten movie lists, but Roger Ebert has seen seven movies a week for the past 40 years and then written about them. To paraphrase part of an article about video game lists with the word video game replaced by the words TV, television or series:

    โ€žHere are the things that a [television series] list is designed to accomplish: They are an endgame of [television] criticism, a summary of oneโ€™s thoughts on the medium, as compiled through exhaustive research. Ideally, they are the result of time spent [watching] hundreds upon thousands of [TV series], reading up on the [series], developing a personal philosophy of what constitutes a good [series], commenting on those [series], and subjecting your opinions to a proper peer review process. They are an ordering and summary of oneโ€™s well-researched, exhaustive, and well-reputed thoughts. If your lists are done correctly, then the final results should reveal no new or surprising information to long-time readers, because you have indirectly revealed this information through reviews, analysis, and commentary. For new readers, these lists are a reference tool, a means for people to quickly catch up on your philosophy of [TV series].โ€œ

    So yeah, perhaps try to concentrate on easier pieces for now. Write an article about Lost in isolation, or The Simpsons in isolation. Comparative cultural criticism is hard as fuck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lastly, if you care about traditional journalism, I’d suggest, if you haven’t already read it, The Boys on the Bus by Timothy Crouse. It tells not only a pretty exhilerating story, but also sheds light on the character of a lot of people working in journalism as well as the process through which news actually reach us.
    There are some more theoretical and philosophical works which are quite important, but that has time for later. This has already become quite long, I fear.

    Have a nice day!

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