Christmas Movies

– The Grinch who stole Christmas


The Grinch who stole Christmas has been our family’s Christmas film since I can remember. It is a classic, heart-warming film that really shows the true meaning of Christmas, with a twist.

– Jingle all the Way


This film is a bit of a weird one. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a working dad who promised to get his son a Turbo-Man action figure, and forgot… The film follows his hectic time trying to get one when it is sold out everywhere. As  I said…weird.

– White Christmas


White Christmas is one of the most famous Christmas movies of all time. It never fails to put me in the Christmas mood, and the ending if fabulous. Just fabulous.

– It’s A Wonderful Life


This is definitely a feelgood movie. It follows a busy, overworked father who becomes severely depressed when his business begins to fail. But, he is stopped by a guardian angel who then shows him everything he has, changing his life for the better.

– Elf


Elf is one of my favourite films of all time. It is a hilarious story about an Elf called Buddy, played by Will Ferrell, who is actually a human but believes he is an elf. He is banished from the North Pole, and goes to stay with his real Dad in New York, and this follows him as he begins to try and understand Christmas in a busy city. The best Christmas movie ever.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Movies

  1. The Santa ClausE with Tim Allen. Another one of my favs!

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