Computer Games- Simulation/Strategy

Here are some computer games, which are mainly simulation/strategy games,  that I love:

– Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution V Gods vs Kings- This is a famous, popular strategy game that has been popular since the first game. You take the role of a god-like figure in which you control cities, and combat units to take either a technological, conquering, research or culture win using different strategies for each. This game is one of the most addictive, yet simple games that I have ever played.

–  Sims 3- Now, this is one that you have probably heard of as it is one of the most famous computer games of the last few years. In case you didn’t know, this game is another simulation game in which you take a role of an overseeing character. You create a family, and design their house, and then do basically anything you want to look after them or develop their virtual lives. This is, thankfully, not a real time game which means that you can take things as fast, or slow, as you would like.

– Tropico 3- This game gives another angle on simulation games. In this one, you are the president of an island, appropriately named Tropico. So, you decide on your basic appearance, and your background and political strategies, and then make your first speech in which you speak about certain points. During your 4 years in presidency, you can take on political relations and issues, and look after and develop your island. It is a very addictive game, with decent graphics and good game play.

These are just some games that I think are great all-round simulation games, which have been my favorites for many years.I am greatly anticipating the release of the new Simcity, which is going to be released in March 2013. You can currently preorder it either through EA themselves, or through at this link:

I may do another one of these posts on shoot ’em up games, or other genres. Maybe you could let me know what you think. Be nice, but honest!

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