Overeating is a Bigger problem than Starvation


According to the biggest study into the worlds health ever, overeating has resulted in the loss of years of healthy living than people who eat too little recently.

The study was called ‘The Global Burden of Disease Report’ which was a massive research project including 500 scientists in 50 countries. This study also shows that we have finally calmed down some infectious diseases, saving millions of children from early deaths.

However, in total, we are spending more of our lives living in poor health and/or disability.

The study researched the causes of death and the ‘prevalence of diseases’ over the world in 2010. Then these results were compared with data found in 1990 to show any differences and trends. 

For the first time, on a global scale, overeating is more of a health issue than lack of food. In comparison, lack of nutrients was the leading cause of disease, shows as the number of years of a ‘healthy life’ an average person could expect to lose because of early death or illness. In the 90s, in 10th place was a high BMI, but now undernutrition is 8th place, but BMI has risen to be the sixth most prominent cause of disease burden.

This shows how much of a problem our unhealthy relationship with food is. Is food becoming too accessible? Or is it the ingredients that are affecting us so badly? We know that the world, generally, is becoming severely urbanized and industrialized rapidly. We don’t know whether the issue of people wanting food quickly is the problem, or whether it is just the fact that with the wide range of foods easily available to us, we just overindulge. This could be a massive problem in the future, and for future generations, and we need to find a way to lower the International BMI.


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