Favourite Youtubers

This is more of a laid back post. However, this is definitely quite a difficult post, because many people have very opinionated likes and dislikes; especially when it comes to youtube. I am into comedy, and people who can talk about nothing and make it sound interesting, but also those youtubers where you can see the thought process that went into every one of their videos. I have narrowed the list down to my top 10, and it was a difficult choice, but I got there in the end. (This list is in no particular order).

1.  TobyTurner


This channel is the vlog channel of Toby Turner, primarily known as TOBUSCUS, who is a comedian, actor and allstar youtuber. He does daily vlogs on whatever he happens to be doing that day. Not only did he make a whole video on Lindsay Lohan punching a ‘chick’ he is also one of those aforementioned people who can talk for miles about nothing. This isnt actually his main channel, but I definitely prefer it. Anyway, his channel is definitely worth a look as well as his other channels; tobygames and tobuscus (his main channel). Bless your face.

2. DailyGraceImage

DailyGrace is a comedian/actress who has built up her career on YouTube to have almost 500,000 subscribers. She sits in her study making daily videos (5 days a week) with varying themes;

Mondays are anything she decides to talk about.

Tuesdays are ‘comments on your comments’, when she hazes the crap out of comments on her videos.

Wednesday is ‘reviewing, reviewing, reviewing something for youuuuu’, when she either reviews an event in the past week, or reviews fashion at recent red carpet events.

Thursday is ‘dailygrace is gonna teach you how to do something’,when she gives you usually useless tips on things that are potentially applicable to something.

Friday is SEXY FRIDAY! The most recent sexy Friday video was ‘Sexy Holiday Pickup Lines’, basically it is another video with a ‘sexy’ theme.Her channel is definitely worth a watch, her videos are laugh-out-loud funny.

3. Danisnotonfire


Danisnotonfire is hosted by Dan Howell, who is actually one of the most popular youtubers in the UK at the moment. His videos are random and entertaining, but they are only once a week which sucks. He is best friends with Phil from the channel amazingphil, which I will put further down the list. But, Dan’s channel is definitely worth a try.

4. AmazingPhil

(you have no idea how many ‘draw Phil naked’ pics came up when I googled AmazingPhil)


As you can see, Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil come basically hand in hand (not an innuendo). AmazingPhil is actually quite strange, but he is funny in a weirdly cute way. His videos are also random, but my favorites are when he went through his old MSN chat logs, those videos made me laugh out loud. However, I would give his channel a try if you want something that is carefree and generally calm.

5. nigahiga


NigaHiga’s channel is one of the well-known classic channels. He does comedy videos that usually feature him dressing up as different characters to explain different things he is trying to get across to his audience of 6,297,852 subscribers at this very moment. His videos raise good points about different issues, but in a way that people find funny and can relate to. He is definitely one of my favorites of all time, so give his channel a try.

6. Jaackmate


Jaackmate’s videos are definitely funny, but in a way that many people wouldn’t appreciate. His audience are those who don’t get offended easily, but if you do then you probably wouldn’t like him. His videos are usually complaining about something, one of his most popular videos being ’25 things Everybody Hates’, which kind of explains it all. Anyway, if you like a laugh, then give this channel a go.

7. jimmy0010


Jimmy0010 is quite a laid-back guy, but his videos still manage to have a witty sense of humor. He currently has 52,501 subscribers, and is gaining more each day. He usually makes videos on random things that happen to him, and occasionally strange reviews. His videos are calm, yet still hold on to that quite British sense of humor. Give it a go.

8. MarcusButlertv


Marcus Butler makes videos primarily on random things, and some videos that he does a few of, such as his few videos on ‘things I dont understand about…’. His videos are quite funny, but I prefer them because they are also quite relaxed. His channel is actually quite popular, and he has 343,410 subscribers, and so is his best friend Alfie with his channel PointlessBlog coming up next.

9. PointlessBlog

Alfie, who is the host of this channel, is a boy who does weekly videos on anything he wants. There are no themes for his videos, as in they dont link in to each other. His videos are good to relax into, and they have a cute themetune in the background. He currently has 285,776 subscribers, and counting.

10. JacksGap


JacksGap has an almost completely female fanbase, and no wonder…he’s a good looking boy. He has a lot of subscribers, 685,222 to be precise, and growing because he has recently changed his style quite a lot when he moved to go to university, now including his twin, Finn. He has quite a witty, but boyish, sense of humour and his videos are worth a look.

Well…that was a very laid back post. But I hope you enjoyed it. They are just some personal preferences, comment with any others you think should be in there, or any recommendations. Thanks!

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