Daily Prompt: Forever Young

If there was a fountain of youth, would you drink it?

I’m sure that the answer to this question does primarily rely on the age you are when you answer. Elderly people would probably say no; they have lived a long, fulfilling life and it wouldn’t be the same if you lived it forever. Its meant to be once in a lifetime moments, and that concept of living every day to the fullest would be lost when aging wasn’t an issue.

However, at my age, 16, I would say no. I know that childhood is supposedly the time of your life, and I have extremely fond memories. But, I am excited not only for the prospects of my future, but for growing older, hopefully with that one special person. I want to experience all the ‘once in a lifetime’ moments that I mentioned before, and if I drank from this fountain of infinite youth, I would lose that whole concept of excitement.


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One thought on “Daily Prompt: Forever Young

  1. djmatticus says:

    Good point. Over the course of eternity you would eventually run out of “once in a lifetime” events to enjoy. I had consdired that but figured that as new people and experiences came into my life, I would get to have new firsts with them. As large and complex as this world is could we ever truly experience all it has to offer?

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