Scientist Reconstructs the Face of the Homo Floresiensis

A facial anthropologist and a senior researcher fellow, Dr Susan Hayes, at the University of Wollongong in Australia has managed to reconstruct the face of the Homo Floresiensis. This is a ‘primitive hominin’ which was found on the Indonesian island Flores in 2003 which was nicknamed the Hobbit.

Dr Susan Hayes usually works forensically reconstructing faces of relatively modern human remains. In this study she used facial approximation techniques to try and work out how the Homo Floresiensis would have looked like. This is the result:


She says that the reconstruction was a big challenge working on an ‘archaic hominin’.

She says that the facial approximation took her a bit longer than she originally thought.

Dr Darren Curnoe of the University of New South Wales is a human evolution specialist said ‘the face looked more modern than he expected’ said during an interview. ‘The bones are really quite primitive looking and look a bit like pre-humans that lived two or three million years ago but this new construction looks, to me, surprisingly modern’


He also said ‘What we have seen, until now, have been artistic interpretations, very beautiful ones, but I think this really takes it to a new level and gives us a more scientific and accurate view of what the hobbit looked like.” which just shows how these images can really help towards our understanding of human evolution.

He later said that “Now the majority of researchers accepted that the hobbit was unique and not a diseased human, but precisely where it fits in the human evolutionary tree is still to be determined.”

This is a fascinating way of visioning the line of hominins that were here before us, and who we are derived from. I think it is very important to know our true ancestors and how they may have survived before us.

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