Sweden is planning to expand its airport destinations to Space…

In Sweden, the small town of Kiruna has a very, surprisingly, busy and international airport with quite regular flights to major cities like London and Tokyo. However, they have just released that they have plans to start to offer commercial space flights.

The company hoping to do this, Spaceport Sweden, was founded in 2007 and hopes to ‘be able to provide the first flights within a decade from Kiruna’s airport’.

The director of Spaceport Sweden, Karin Nilsdotter, said ‘we’re working on establishing commercial flights from Sweden to space for tourism and research, and to create a launching pad at the airport’.

Their idea is for tourists and researchers to take off for a trip into space for up to 2 hours on some spacecraft that is currently under testing. Apparently, the spacecraft ‘resemble a cross between an airplane and a space shuttle’. These vehicles can carry between 1 and 6 passengers into our atmosphere.

The flights will send its passengers 60 miles above Earth’s surface, and they even get to experience five minutes of anti-gravity.

As Kiruna is in the North of Sweden, and therefore Europe, it is said to be a ‘prime location for space flights’.

In contrast to normal car journeys, or airplane flights, these flights would not be bothered by air, or space, traffic.

“We have to use this knowledge to create a unique adventure with global impact: space travel,”


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One thought on “Sweden is planning to expand its airport destinations to Space…

  1. marksackler says:

    Let me know if they plan any one way trips. I have a few people I want to send… 😛

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