TV Series that I enjoy way too much…

– House


House is about a miserable, yet unbelievably genius doctor called Gregory House. You follow him and his team solving diagnostic cases that nobody else can. It is a dramatic, and clever series paired with a witty sense of humor.

– Chicago Fire


Chicago Fire is actually quite a new series for me, but I am now obsessed with it. This is about a Chicago fire station, and it follows their dramatic and busy lives saving the citizens of Chicago, whilst also dealing with their relationships within their jobs.

– The Mentalist


The Mentalist is another American series about a man working within the police force, called Patrick Jane, who used a mixture of psychology and observation to solve strange and dangerous cases.



NCIS is my all-time favorite television show, and has been for a long time. This is purely because of the strong characters, and believable storyline which creates an easily lovable TV series. This is about a team working in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), who all use their unique talents, and humor, to solve more cases involving naval officers.

– Falling Skies


I have mentioned Falling Skies before, and if you have read that post then you can tell that I love it. This Steven Speilberg TV series is a post-apocolyptic drama following the 2nd Massachusetts as they fight against the aliens which invaded Earth.

– The Real Housewives of New York

This is a famous reality series in America, which follows a group of upper class women living and working in New York cities. You see them dramatize their lives, and you follow their complicated relationships and friendships within their group.

– Desperate Housewives


Desperate Housewives is an extremely famous comedy drama-mystery revolving around one street of families, Wisteria Lane, in which the events you would normally expect in a whole country in a year, happen in one episode of Desperate Housewives. The families all intertwine in a cleverly plotted storyline, which also incorporates humor which makes people all over America love it more.

– The Only Way is Essex


The Only Way is Essex is actually a British reality series focusing on the city of Essex in England. It is about all the lively characters of Essex, and their relationships and busy lives. Their is an overwhelming amount of colloquial language, and fake tan/makeup. Don’t even ask me why I enjoy this.


Well, there are just some of the completely pointless TV series’ which I enjoy a little bit too much. Hope you enjoyed it, and comment if you think there are any more I should add!

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One thought on “TV Series that I enjoy way too much…

  1. Joe Owens says:

    I enjoyed House for a while, until I tired of his perpetual spiral into oblivion. Hugh Laurie is an excellent actor and managed to suppress his English accent without fail. The mentalist is okay at times, but much like Unforgettable, the lead character is a little too sure of his ability.

    I certainly agree with you on NCIS. I think the character development is paced so well that they could continue for quite some time. I wonder how long the series regulars will want to continue.

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