Could Coffee be our final push?

Over the Christmas holidays, another issue of the New Scientist arrived, and in it was a very interesting and thought-provoking article about our fairly unhealthy addiction- coffee- could actually be the final push to spur us into action.

A quote from the NS says “Billions of people are hooked on Coffee and would find the prospect of its soaring cost irritating’.

What this article is really saying is that Climate Change could have a severe impact on coffee bean growth, and therefore the amount that would go into commercial sale. This would have a huge impact on not only those people who drink the coffee, but also those who grow it and the communities that may benefit from its huge commercial sales now would be badly hit in the future if climate change leads to a decrease in the amount of coffee that can be grown.

Coffee Bean growth relies on a delicate balance of rainfall and temperature. The NS says ‘The coffee plant is inordinately fussy about its growing conditions…unfortunately, these conditions are set to vanish from the places where coffee is traditionally grown’. In fact, coffee growth is at a 35-year low, which intensifies the situation.

However, this may not actually be a completely bad thing. If something that many people across the globe is diminished due to our own ignorance towards our planet’s well-being and the huge amount of industrial pollution we are sending into our atmosphere, then perhaps people will actually notice and this could have the potential of sending a hugely important message to the world about how badly we are affecting this planet.


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