5 Things I Would Buy if I was a Millionaire

I just thought I would put up a fun little post, as I need to cheer up a bit. It’s exam week. So here goes…

1. BBQ Donut Boat


This would be a fantastic way to escape on a little adventure with some friends, whilst cooking sausages and pork on a BBQ in the centre. Great…but at the cost of £20,000 ($32,287). Woah.

2. The Luxury Table Football


This is just fantastic. Not only would I then have an excuse to play table football 24/7, but I would do it in style. But, it costs £45,000 ($72,659).

3. A Home Cinema


This is actually my heaven. I could live there. However, I don’t know how much this luxury HOME cinema would cost to have in your own house, probably near the £100,000 mark. Wow though.



This one isn’t actually that expensive at $142, but I have wanted one basically all my life. It would definitely go with my home cinema….I wish.



This is actually the one of the coolest things. It is your own personal Drive-Thru window which lets you run your own branded business from your own home. I would definitely make this a private drive-thru- reserved for Friends and Family only. Imagine all the lovely food….but you might want to wipe that drool off your mouth as this costs $89,000!!


Well, there you go. These are some silly things that I would love to buy, if I was a millionaire. Maybe it’ll happen someday….

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Buy if I was a Millionaire

  1. love them all, great picks! xx

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