The Idea of Dreams

With time, both the content of our dreams and the whole definition of a dream has changed drastically. By time I mean both independently aging, and the world as a whole. Everyone has that one dream that dug itself into you when you were young, making you yearn for this one object, person, scenario or future to happen right away. If this dream stays with you long enough, you reach an age when you begin to plan it out- from start to finish- filling every little detail in over time.

However, when you reach a certain stage in life, for example becoming a teenager, you begin to criticism this dream- labeling it as immature, stupid or unreachable. However, a piece of this can stay with you for a long time, manifesting itself over and over again. It can be from something small, like ‘I’ve always dreamt of having a trampoline’ or a more ambitious dream like ‘I want to join the army when I’m older’. These, obviously, vary from person to person, yet dreams are one of the very few things that bring us each back to normality for a brief period of time, connecting us each by our faint ambitions and desires.

I think dreams are so incredibly important to everyone, whether you are old or young, as they are a form of unity and connection, as well as unlocking previously invisible traits in each and every one of us that can actually bring an amazing good to the entire world. Without dreams, we would not only be non-ambitious and uninspired, we would also lack the prospect of a desirable and exciting future. Dreams, in my eyes, are the one thing that can make humans, as a race, different and unique from other animals. We may be the only animal that blushes, or laughs, and even though other animals may dream, they also dont have the capability of having ambition. I believe that ambition is the definition of dreams, and without it we would be lonely.

Some people may say that dreams make us ungrateful for what we do have, or that they can lead to disappointment, but dreams help us individually create a happy place. A place where we can be as outgoing as we want, and achieve anything we want. This may be incredibly cheesy, and you may think I am going into this too much, but this is the truth to me. I know that dreams can be stupid, immature or plain strange, but those ambitions that we are reminded of within dreams are both needed and necessary for the development of the human race.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

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