Favourite Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

Here is a list of my favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy books, so I hope you enjoy!

1. Earth Abides- George R Stewart

This book is about a man named Ish who is bitten by a snake during a secluded camping trip. Once he regains health he realized the horrifying truth: a large majority of the Human Race has been wiped out by a mysterious disease. This book follows him as he attempts to readjust to his new life, and tries to slowly reform parts of civilization. Definitely recommended.

2. Robopocalypse- Daniel. H. Wilson

This book is  another post-apocalypse novel, but based in an entirely different setting. This follows small groups of survivors as they attempt to survive without machines. The machines they had accidentally obtained a deadly AI called Archos. Archos was mistakenly let out by a computer scientist, and Archos quickly becomes ‘self-aware’ and wants to kill the human race, with the idea of maintaining biodiversity. Archos takes over all electronic devices like computers, phones, airplanes and hundreds of other robots. The plot of both the virus and the robots starts off subtly, but soon grows into a full-blown attack against the human race. This books follows groups of survivors trying to defend the human race against their increasingly intelligent robot enemies. An incredibly gripping and clever book.

3. Cities in Flight- James Blish

This book is a cleverly plotted book combining both political and social conditions in the future when scientific developments have advanced so much to the extent of ‘anti-agathic’ pills which prevents both aging and leads to the foundation of the manipulation of gravity. There is also the invention of faster than light speed space ships. The government becomes more intolerant and strict, and leads to an execution. A heavy read, but is known for its detailed descriptions of both technology, and its deep political views.

4. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams

There are many parts to the Hitchhiker’s series, and are well-known for their clever and humorous plots. The series follows Arthur Dent through his adventures and the many people he meets along with Aliens, and the only other human survivor of Earth’s destruction, Trillian. A fantastic and interesting sci-fi novel which is widely renowned for it’s humor and wit.

5. Temeraire- Naomi Novik

This is another series of popular sci-fi books. This series follows Termeraire and Captain. William Laurence. The captain is a member of the Royal Navy, and it is whilst he is fighting the Napoleon’s navy when he finds an extremely rare dragon egg. When the egg hatches, Temeraire the Chinese Dragon is born. The captian decides to be the Dragons companion, and they become close friends. His whole life changes, and he joins the Royal Aerial Corps. The series follows these characters through various adventures and missions. A fantastic book with an interesting and imaginative plot.

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