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Sally Again


My little Bichon Frise. I just thought I would share her with you!


Compilation with Bastille and To Kill a King- Choices


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Daughter- Still

A new find for me, but I think it’s brilliant.

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James Vincent McMorrow- Wicked Game

I don’t know whether I have posted this before, but this is one of my all-time favourite songs. Incredible.

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My Favourite Apps at the Moment

I thought, as I am a bit of an App buff, I would share some of my favourite apps I am using at the moment. So here goes:

1. Kingturn


Kingturn is not a very well known app at all, and it took a while to discover it. But, this is a fantastic and addicting strategy turn-based game on which you can waste hours of time. It is based on a princess who is running away from a mean stepfather who wants her to marry a prince whom she does not like. I would really reccommend this app to people who like games like Civilization Revolution, or Risk, etc.

2. SnapChat


SnapChat is an up-and-coming messaging/image sharing app, which is extremely popular with people everywhere in the recent weeks. This app is based on making an account, just a username, and adding friends or family members. Then you can send images and videos for your friends to view for up to 10 seconds maximum. SnapChat generates a lot of interesting images, and laughs. I would recommend for anyone up for a laugh.

3. Fancy


Fancy is a shopping/product finding app which displays products which users post- either because they want it, or they can sell it. It is a fantastic app for all those people out there who love to ‘fantasy shop’, or just explore what is out there. Once you have made a simple account, you can ‘Fancy’ things, so any sales or news about the item notifies you, and it is added to your list. Fantastic for finding Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary gifts for those people who seem to have everything.

4. The Sushi Spinnery


The Sushi Spinnery is another game made by Kairosoft Co Ltd, and sticks to the same adorable theme- 8bit strategy/simulation games. It is a cute, but addictive, app which lets you own a Sushi Restaurant which you can develop and expand for 16 virtual years. It is a fantastic time-waster, and one which will keep you entertained for a very long time.

5. Pandemic 2.5


Pandemic is a virtual game which has, weirdly, become very popular recently. In the game, you ‘infect’ people with your imaginary virus, fungus or bacteria and your aim is to infect and kill the entire world population before a vaccination is created. To do this, you can add symptoms, supports and other advantages to your disease to make it more infectious, or deadly. It sounds sick, but this app really is fun if you can get past the gory base of the game.

6.  Zite


This app is a news app which is presented beautifully and simply to create a newspaper style effect. You can decide on what category of news you would like to come up on your ‘newspaper’ and this means you don’t have to scroll through hundreds on boring stories. This is a fantastic yet simple app that makes news reading more exciting.

7. AlienBlue


This app is a Reddit reading app which allows you to view Reddit from Apple devices easily and smoothly. AlienBlue allows any Reddit fans to scroll through the SubReddits, and Front Page seamlessly from their device. It is quick and easy, and there is no opening loads of new tabs in this app. Fantastic.

8. Pixel People


Pixel People is a charming and addictive pixelated city-building app from Chillingo. Ltd. You start off with a small, but cute, town in the middle of space. From there, you can expand and improve your town to infinity and beyond. To do this, you need to unlock “Professions” which in turn unlock buildings for your little settlement. A lovely game for anyone who loves real-time games, with a charming twist.

So there you go, they were my Favourite Apps at the moment, and I hope some of you will download and enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you



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