Best Revision Websites for Exam Season

Firstly I would like to apologize for not writing for a long time, but it has been exams galore recently! I am hoping to be able to write more soon.

Anyway, I thought that- due to it being exam season across the nation- I would help my fellow victims of the education system by introducing some of the best revision websites. So here goes:



This website does require signing up, but it is definitely worth it. There are thousands of home-made resources for almost every exam topic going, and you are able to search and download these as much as you like. Many of the resources are fantastic, and provide almost all the information needed to pass the exam with flying colours. I use this personally for revising, as it saves a lot of time unwillingly writing out revision notes for hours on end.

2. BBC Bitesize



Bitesize is a fantastic BBC website dedicated to providing information and revision material for KS1 children all the way up to GCSE, and other British qualifications. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any American equivalent of BBC Bitesize. However, the information provided is usually detailed and easy to understand, but I have had problems finding information for certain units.




S-cool is commonly used by teachers because of the simple and understandable diagrams and animations explaining many complicated or confusing topics of examinations. This website focuses on GCSE and A-level revision topics, so would be useful for anyone between the ages of 15-18. It is a useful and simple source of revision topics and resources.

So there are my top 3 revision sites for those under the pressure of exams at the moment! Hope this will be useful!


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