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Young Americans seem Uninspired by Obama

Obama seems to have turned to the younger citizens of America for the vote. Four years ago, young people were enthusiastic and hopeful for the democrats, and therefore voted for him in their thousands.
However, four years on, they seem uninspired and unimpressed by Obama and his campaign. They have faced high unemployment as well as raised tuition fees, and therefore many have lost hope in Obama, it seems.
But, there is still little doubt that Obama will win the youth vote, compared to Romney, as Democrats have in all elections, bar three, ever since 18 year olds began to vote.
A quote from an article in the Los Angeles Times, said a 19 year old boy was disappointed that Obama was “just another conformist politician”. The teenage boy also said “most of my friends are also voting for Obama, but its not an enthusiastic vote”. I don’t blame them for being disappointed, as in September the unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds was 11.8%, which is terrible compared to the hope Obama portrayed four years ago, when he was first elected. Romney’s entire appeal to the younger voters was that he was going to do better, but not really any specific details of what he is going to do.
In the defence of Obama, his campaign is proving that unemployment numbers are going down, but maybe this just isn’t enough for the younger population of the United States. He also made an appeal to the young women of America, standing up against Romney’s views of Abortion, and the fact he wants women to have exactly the same rights as men.
Some teenagers are stuck, due to the lack of hope on both sides of the Election, and are just voting for the candidate who just ‘isn’t as bad as the other’. I just hope Obama gives a clear plan for the young people of America, and how he is going to help them in the future.

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US Presidential Election 2012

For some reason, I keep up with the US Presidential Election more than our own Government here in the UK. I have heard things that have gone wrong in both Obama and Romney’s speeches/arguments. However, I do have to say that I am definitely a supporter of Obama. I think that the extent of the problems he had to deal with in the last 4 years has made people think ‘how is voting for him again going to make it any better?’. Well, I think that what he has done for the US in the last 4 years has been great, though perhaps not at the speed many would want improvements to be made.
In my mind, there are many issues with Romney. Firstly, his philosophical and religious beliefs. His lack of respect for females is appalling, and his ‘binder full of women’ was just hypocritical. For starters, the company in which he worked before the election had only 7% females in high-powered jobs. He contradicts himself a lot. His belief that abortion should be made illegal is just horrible, and those women who conceived by rape will have no option but to have the baby. I know that some people believe that embryos are humans from fertilisation, and that it is the baby’s right to live. But, shouldn’t it be the mothers right to not have the baby? I just don’t think it is fair. It’s meant to be the ‘free country’ we all know it to be, but he doesn’t seem to want that.
Secondly, he doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about. Not only does he contradict himself, he uses ideas stolen from past presidents, and uses facts that are not true or viable. He used the same 5 point plan as Bush, and a president in 2008, and didn’t mention that perhaps his plan isn’t originally his. Romney has, multiple times, accused Obama of many things- here is a quote from that proves this-
“Romney has falsely accused Obama of “apologizing for America” many times before. The line has been a dependable applause-getter with conservative audiences. But we found no basis for this claim in Obama’s previous speeches and remarks. And other fact-checkers came to similar conclusions.” (this is talking about the attacks in Egypt, when Romney stated that Obama felt sympathy towards the attackers, wrongly of course).
I just don’t believe that the American people are voting on reliable grounds; they have obviously false facts to rely on, and no way of knowing who was right or wrong. And Romney is using these false facts and accusations to manipulate people into voting.
I hope that Obama wins again, and he is given 4 more years to show the people what they could have missed.

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