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New Kids on the Block- Remix (I like it)

An awesome single from New Kids on the Block.

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Lauren Aquilina- King

One of my favourite songs at the moment from Lauren Aquilina!

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Please Don’t Say You Love Me

A fantastic new single- ‘Please Don’t say you love me’ by Gabrielle Aplin.

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Top 8 Awesome Speakers

1. Speak-Er

2. 500 XL

3. 360° Speaker Concept

4. Bandai Diorama Speaker

bandai ginza replica speaker

5. Invisible Speaker Design by People People

Clear speaker by speaker speaker

6. ??


8. Woofers

9. Miniskull Skull Speaker


10. Speakers made from PVC Pipes

plumbing speakers 4 Plumbing meets the audio world





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CT Scanner without the Cover

CT Scanner without the Cover

It looks like something off Dr Who.

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My best apps of the week

I am going to put some apps up, which I think are the best of the week for me:

– Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe

This app is incredible, it explains all about the universe around us, with amazing images. It’s a bit expensive though- £3.99

– Flipboard

This is a news app, but you can decide from which sources you get the news, and therefore what the stories will be about. It is a really pretty app as well, as it is organised with a sort of book interface, and its free!

– Junk Jack

This is a sort of free-roam game, where you are given a randomly generated land, and you build buildings and defend yourself from various monsters. It has lovely pixel graphics, which gives it a real retro style. Good for those who like computer games such as Minecraft and Terraria. It is at quite a fair price- £1.49

– Striiv

This is actually a very modern and innovative fitness app. It is a pedometer for your iPhone, and you can choose to accept challenges of a certain number of steps, or a certain number of calories to burn in a given time. By completing these challenges, you earn coins, which you can spend in your ‘My Land’. It is a very good app, and is a good way to burn some calories in a fun way. And it’s free!

– World of Goo HD

This is a very popular game, and you have probably heard of it, but I think it deserves a mention. It is a quite addictive game, and it is also quite difficult at times. It has beautiful graphics, and is just a pretty app in general. I would give it a try, if I were you. It costs around £3.99.

Well, there you go. I think these apps are all worth a try, and I have tried to vary the type of apps to give an eclectic mix. Thanks.

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