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Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

A photo I took from the bottom of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai- the Tallest Building in the World.

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Times Square


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I’m Back!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Welcome to 2013…a new year, and changes will happen for all of us, which is strangely exciting.

Well, the end of the world failed to happen, which is kind of an anti-climax in a weird way.

Anyway, I am back from my brief holiday, and I am glad to have seen people are still viewing this blog, and hopefully still will for a lot longer!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and a lovely New Year!

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Ponte Vecchio- Florence

Ponte Vecchio- Florence

My photo of Ponte Vecchio, in Florence, Italy. This is a bridge that somehow supports houses which people still live in. It is a huge, beautiful tourist destination. It is incredible to see.

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Top 10 Places to See before the End of the World….

I know this might be a bit of a late call, but here are 10 places I would like to see before the predicted apocalypse happens, so here goes…

1. Antigua


Antigua is one of those dream destinations you only see on tv. But, it happens to be real- believe it or not. This is the first place I would go if you handed me a ticket to anywhere. A proper holiday destination.

2. Los Angeles


LA not only has the abundance of celebrities, but the weather to add to the amazing holiday. I would absolutely love to go here, there is enough to do to stay there for a few years. And if you are into following celebrities around, LA is your place to go.

3. Thailand


Thailand is a beautiful country, with exotic beaches and landscapes; perfect for those who enjoy picturesque surroundings, or photography. This would definitely be a relaxation holiday, but only if you avoided the dreaded Thai bungee jumps!

4. New Zealand


New Zealand also has the picturesque scenery to please those keen photographers out there, but also a lot of wildlife and touring activities to keep you busy (for those who want a more active holiday). Not only does it have all these things to offer, but there is also diverse culture to explore as well- especially the interesting Scottish Heritage.

5. Fiji


Fiji looks like a place in my dreams. There is scenery that makes your eyes water, warm weather, sandy beaches as well as diverse wildlife. Fiji, I think, satisfies everyones interests in one, unfortunately, mildly expensive holiday- I suppose you can’t have everything.

6. Germany


Germany is one that most people wouldn’t expect to see on this list. I know that it is different, and probably doesn’t fit into the list so far- but I have always wanted to go there. During Christmastime there are huge markets where you can indulge for yourself- or lucky friends/family members. But don’t forget Oktoberfest! However, there are a lot of sites to see that are world famous. For example, Neuschwanstein Castle which is an almost fairytale castle in Munich, Romantic Road- in between Wurzberg and Fussen which provides a nostalgic atmosphere, or even Colditz Castle if you are interested in the historical elements of Germany. This is definitely in my ‘to go’ list. 

7. Iceland


This shouldn’t really be on here, as I have already visited Iceland. However, I would love to go again as I didnt really get to visit the more cultural or even populated parts of this small country. I visited many of the sites you would find on a classic postcard- waterfalls, glaciers, geisers, etc. However, I didnt get to actually visit Reykjavik or the cultured areas within towns or villages, which I would love to do. This holiday is more for those who enjoy landscape or scenery- for the keen photographers, or those who like road-trips.

8. Dubai


I have actually been here as well, but so long ago that I actually can’t remember it very well. As we went in August, all I remember is extreme heat and the fact that we were made to stay inside so we didn’t get sunstroke, or severe sunburn. However, if you visit Dubai in the spring months, you get the best of both worlds- sun without risk of serious sunburn. Dubai has both relaxing, and active/sightseeing holiday potential. 

9. Jordan


I actually have family living out in Jordan, and have heard amazing things about the country from them and other people who visited there. There are incredible sites for those interested in history or culture, as well as amazing hotels for those who want a luxury hotel in the sun. There are destinations such as the Jordan River Valley and the Dead Sea plains which attract thousands of tourists every year- though Jordan is still not considered a tourist destination.

10. Greece


Greece may be in an economical crisis at the moment, but that doesn’t stop Greece from being an incredible tourist destination. There is incredible culture, sites, landscape and history to the country for everyone to enjoy. For example, Olimpia and the famous Athens contain amazing sites to see that are world renowned for being historically and culturally viable.

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