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Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

A photo I took from the bottom of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai- the Tallest Building in the World.

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Women in Science

I read an interesting article earlier, in the Guardian, about Women in Science. I commented in the question ‘why do men get all the credit when women have often played a crucial role in scientific development?’
I think this is a crucial question. When you think of a scientist, the most common image that comes into people’s minds is a man with white hair and a lab coat..a man. That’s the key point, who ever recognises that women do play a crucial role in scientific development? Very few.
Katharine Whitehorn, the writer of this article, mentioned many scientists who are key to scientific breakthroughs are not even thought of, and therefore given no credit. She said:
‘I was 70 before I had even heard of Emilie du Chatelet, who was an aristocrat and mathematician, who developed from Newtons Principia Mathematica a further stage which led ultimately to the “squared” in Einsteins E=MC2.’
These women, who were largely unrecognised, played a crucial role in subjects that are widely considered to be ‘boys’ subjects. I think women’s deserve more recognition in these fields.

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