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My best apps of the week

I am going to put some apps up, which I think are the best of the week for me:

– Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe

This app is incredible, it explains all about the universe around us, with amazing images. It’s a bit expensive though- £3.99

– Flipboard

This is a news app, but you can decide from which sources you get the news, and therefore what the stories will be about. It is a really pretty app as well, as it is organised with a sort of book interface, and its free!

– Junk Jack

This is a sort of free-roam game, where you are given a randomly generated land, and you build buildings and defend yourself from various monsters. It has lovely pixel graphics, which gives it a real retro style. Good for those who like computer games such as Minecraft and Terraria. It is at quite a fair price- £1.49

– Striiv

This is actually a very modern and innovative fitness app. It is a pedometer for your iPhone, and you can choose to accept challenges of a certain number of steps, or a certain number of calories to burn in a given time. By completing these challenges, you earn coins, which you can spend in your ‘My Land’. It is a very good app, and is a good way to burn some calories in a fun way. And it’s free!

– World of Goo HD

This is a very popular game, and you have probably heard of it, but I think it deserves a mention. It is a quite addictive game, and it is also quite difficult at times. It has beautiful graphics, and is just a pretty app in general. I would give it a try, if I were you. It costs around £3.99.

Well, there you go. I think these apps are all worth a try, and I have tried to vary the type of apps to give an eclectic mix. Thanks.

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